My Inexorable Jesus

Philippians 2: 9 – 11

Post #17: “Yes, Father!” (the only answer we should ever give to God)


When our Father says anything to us, or asks anything of us, our only answer, only answer, is to reply:

“Yes, Father! Your will be done! Absolutely! Yes!”

Any questions?


However, for those of you who wish to drag your feet and try to argue/debate with God my Father because you have the need to be 100% advised before you willingly consent to Him and to lowering yourself to obey Him, please stop doing that. Just stop. He is God. You are not. Simple.


Post #16: My priorities under the Headship of Christ

This is simply a list, if you will, of the priorities I have as a servant and slave to Christ Jesus. This list is my take on it all, and if you have a different list, please feel free to share! Thanks!


1.  Identity:

  •  Son
  •  Husband
  •  Father
  •  Brother
  •  Friend

2.  Posture of heart:

  • Obedient
  • Disciplined
  • Available
  • Teachable
  • Correctable
  • Submitted
  • Unafraid

3.  Relational:

  • Fatherhood/Sovereignty of God
  • Sonship/Sovereignty of Christ
  • Ministry/Power/Sovereignty of The Holy Spirit
  • Sonship of men, adopted through The New Covenant and sealed with His Spirit

4.  Application:

  • Prophet
  • Minister
  • Oracle
  • Servant
  • Warrior
  • Worshiper

Post #15: The Covenant of Marriage

I am not married as the world understands it. I am walking in a covenant of marriage with my bride. Marriage is just a contract, an agreement, a willing decision to stay thusly provided the other person maintains your idea of what they should do for you. Marriage is shaky at best, and easily defiled.

I don’t have a marriage. I have a covenant with my bride that Christ Jesus has put His Name and His hand upon.

Marriage is a legal contract. Marriage is what the world has. People do put the Name of Jesus on it, so to speak, by having a marriage ceremony in a church, with some kind of clergy pronouncing their marriage as legitimate, but it’s just an agreement. Easily broken at a person’s choosing. The world has shown me this time and again, and I fully believe it.

I don’t have a marriage. I have a covenant. The Name of Jesus is upon it, and I cannot walk away from it, nor can I make it go away.

Marriage allows for selfish actions and attitudes to manifest without accountability. Marriage allows for emotions to dictate its credibility and validity. Marriage delights lawyers and wedding planners and owners of bridal shops. Covenant delights God my Father.

Marriage requires permission, testing, payment, and planning. Covenant requires Christ Jesus, and His blessings come free.

Covenant says, “As for me, I will__________________________, and I say this in the Name of Jesus, who is the witness to this covenant.” Marriage says, “I do, as long as you do, or until I decide I don’t want to do any longer.”

The covenant of marriage is based upon Jesus and His Bride, she being The Church He is building. Husbands are told to love their wives as Christ loves The Church. Husbands exemplify Jesus. Wives are told to submit to their husbands. Wives exemplify The Church. Covenant. The covenant of marriage under the Headship of Christ is powerful stuff, indeed, and is not to be so casually disregarded.

In simpler terms I have said to my bride that her “job”, if you will, is to obey, and my “job” is to serve. A great arrangement, based on our relationship as The Church to Christ Jesus our Head. My bride doesn’t want to be the husband and I do not want to be the wife. Again, a great arrangement. Equal worth, but different roles and purposes this side of Heaven.

Covenant (under Kingdom rule) trumps marriage (under worldy rule), and it is my wish to see Christians grasp this and embrace the truth that what they have is covenant, and not simply a Christian marriage. It goes so much deeper than that. Throughout human history, The Lord has always dealt with mankind through covenant.

Marriages are easily broken without concern from the world. It is basically accepted and shrugged-off. Covenant can be broken, yes, but woe unto the person who does so. God my Father does not favor covenant-breakers. So consider your marriage as a covenant, as it really is, and look to Christ as The Head for guidance on how He wants you to walk it out. He can be trusted for counsel. He knows a thing or two about covenant.



Post #14: He is Holy; He is Other Than. Let Us Be Likewise…

The first thing The LORD said of Himself was, “For I am the LORD your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am Holy.” ~Leviticus 11



What is “holy”? Is it a way of living? Is it the shunning of the worldly pleasures we are surrounded by? Is it not drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, dancing, playing cards, wearing pants if you are a female, avoiding movies/TV, having long hair if you are a male, behaving like Jesus because He was all about being Holy, etc., etc….

What is “holy”? To me, I believe that “holy” means “other than”. (I first heard that from my spiritual father, Jim McNally, and it has simply stuck with me through the years) It simply means going to the truth and path of “other than” whenever confronted with decision-making. I will default my position on being other than.

Other than what, then? Other than the norm, the world, the expected, the cliche, and the predictable. Other than the false gods of humanity. Other than the false spirits who tempt us and manipulate our most base desires. Other. Than. Simple.

The primary mode of reasoning I implement is to ask myself, right up front, “Will this please my Father? Am I being like the world, or am I seeking to be ‘other than’?” When the world demands I make accommodations and compromises against His Holiness and His Truth, should I give in so as to present a more inclusive Jesus, a happy Jesus who is nothing like that mean old God of the Old Testament, a Jesus who allows and supports the sins of men, or should I stand on the line of being “other than”? I think you know the answer.

There is most assuredly an element of reaching out to the lost and showing them Jesus through words and deeds, but it can never be bastardized with the world’s inclinations to hold Jesus hostage to its ideals and its notions. Telling someone that Jesus died for their sins out of His love for them is not the same as telling someone that Jesus just wants to love on them and allow them to be unrepentant. That is not love, friends. That is a lie.

Holiness is a posture of heart. Holiness is asking our Father what He would have us do.

Holy. Other than. Let us be likewise.

Post #13: The ties that bind


Covenant is how God our Father interacts with His creation. In Genesis we see Him make a covenant with Creation saying He would not destroy it with water again Genesis 9:8 – 17. From there we have covenant after covenant that our Father implemented to keep His relationship with son of men alive and relevant.

The final and best covenant is, of course, The New Covenant, eternally struck between chosen mankind and God our Father, with Jesus His Son as the perfect sacrifice, and faithful Son, becoming the one true mediator between man and God. This is an eternal covenant, and indeed it is the one tie that binds all believers in unity. When all the theological smoke clears, and when the clanging sounds of steel and colliding iron subsides as brothers cross their swords with brothers, sharpening one another for the purpose of refinement and growth, we are yet as family in Him, and this is a great blessing. Not a one of us is above the other. Not a one of us is superior to the other. In The New Covenant, we are His chosen sheep, and we have a shepherd named Jesus. Period.

This last weekend I was shown great favor from our Father as He led me to fellowship with brothers of mine of whom I have historic and covenantal relationships with. Laughter ensued, prayers were spoken, prophetic words flowed, and The Spirit of our Jesus was manifested in love, correction, discipline, and pure worship. My spirit longs for these things like a thirsty man desires water, and I was able to drink deeply of the spring that is Christ Jesus and His Spirit.

In the last hours of this time of fellowship, The Lord drew some of the brothers together with our spiritual father, Jim McNally, and Jim spoke covenant words to us, and we spoke the words of sons to him. It was powerful, intense, amazing, and did I mention intense? As we gathered together in a huddle, arms intertwined around each others’ necks, leaning in together, The Lord spoke through me and said, “These are the ties that bind.”

I run with men of covenant. I align myself with covenant men. We walk as though our lives are as one, and when one of us weeps, the others taste salt. Covenant is the tie that binds us, in honor of The New Covenant wherein we each have our identity as sons. Covenant says, “As for me, I will ___________________________ for you, and you do not need to reciprocate this or pay this back in any way. I do this freely without expectation of recompense of any kind. This is my covenant with you, and it is sealed by The Spirit. Should I violate this, may The Lord deal with me ever so severely.”

The ties that bind, indeed.


“My God will be your God, and your God will be my God, and I will walk with you to the end of my days, serving you and submitting to you as is pleasing to our Father. Let it be known from this moment on that our Houses are joined through Christ Jesus, and our descendents will lack for nothing.”

Post #12: To Luke Lindon at Sylvania UCC

I get it now. I finally understand why you are as you are.

Your denomination refuses to acknowledge God as Father because you feel it is too exclusive. So you refuse to give Him the proper title, the one He himself chose, and have decided to be more into a generic “God”.

This explains everything. No wonder you are so confused. You’re a spiritual orphan, a spiritual bastard. This has put a lie between you and my Father. You also have some issues regarding your natural father. It’s so clear now.

To use your words, that you once spoke to me: “Good luck with that.”

Post #11: Jesus is The Way, not “a way”

Jesus says of Himself: “I am The Way, The Truth, and The Life. No one comes to My Father but through Me.”

So Jesus says He is The Way. The Truth. The Life. If we believe we have any of these things outside of Jesus, we are deluding ourselves.

Also, make note that Jesus did not say there is a way to His Father through works, desire, or good intentions. You see, thinking that all one must do is live like Jesus and you get into Heaven is not what He said. But this is what is preached among the progressive and evolving American churches of today.

These churches have doctrines that say you must simply live like Jesus did, or at least give it your best shot, and that is what you will be judged upon. They try to make Jesus into a way, stripping Jesus of His Sovereignty and Deity. In this lie, they have played upon man’s ingrained desire to do something for the sake of giving the impression of Jesus, but deny Him altogether through true covenant.

Shame, that.

How tragic it will be, how heart-breaking and horrifying it will be, when they are face-to-face with Jesus and He says that He never knew them.

My Lord, my God…please extend Your Grace and Mercy as only You can, and show these blind sheep they are following after a wolf.

Post #10: Jesus and Politics part 2

In my previous post, Post #9 that is, I spoke about the fact that we are Kingdom and not worldy, meaning that the machinations and plans of mere men mean nothing to us, especially and specifically in the realm of man’s politics.

Let me clarify.

I have been approached and questioned about my stance, and it has been asked of me: “Well, if you don’t say something about this government, then how are you doing what Jesus says to do? Didn’t He command us to speak up for what is right in the assembly of sinners?”

Let me counter with a question of my own: “By my deciding to seek first His Kingdom, and eschewing the slime and sludge that is man’s politics, does this mean I am silent about the evils of the world and its stranglehold it has on the spiritual orphans of our Nations? Is that what you think? Do you think my desire to not embroil myself in the pissing contests of ‘conservatives vs. liberals’ that this means I am impotent and apathetic?”

Have you not heard of the power of prayer in the Name of Jesus? Exactly.

So if I do not match up to your expectations and cliched reactions of “Christianity” in regard to The World, I apologize. I reckon I am sorry that your vision, your spiritual maturity, is that lacking.


Post #9: Politics and Jesus

It doesn’t work.

Liberals who belong to the progressive christian cult try so hard to make Jesus their President, even though their atheist friends hate Christianity and State.

However, even if you are a conservative, you cannot mix Jesus with man’s politics. It does not work. It is mixing the Divine with the secular and thinking it will work out well.

Jesus, not a one time, said He wanted to be President, Prime Minister, Dear Leader, or any other such man-made title. But on both sides of the political fence we have those who want Him to control the governments of men. Rubbish.

He is our King, not our President. He has a Kingdom given Him by our Father, and surely doesn’t need our countries or their sins.

Conservatives want Jesus to make our government leave us alone. Liberals want Jesus to make Conservatives pay more taxes to help the poor and oppressed. Conservatives want Jesus to make our government moral. Liberals want Jesus to bless and accept and approve of their immorality.  It’s tedious and ridiculous.

Why demand that Jesus take a demotion and become our President or main governmental influencer, when all the Nations of this world will bow at His Name? Exactly.

Let the liberals and the conservatives have their pissing contest. I’m Kingdom first. Their human drama means nothing.

The Christian Left

The Christian Right…kinda, sorta

Both of these are trying to mix The Divine with the secular, no matter the intention. Bad move.


Post #8: Stop trying to make Jesus into your image

Jesus is a liberal. Jesus is a feminist. Jesus is pro-gay. Jesus is love, while God is hateful and judgmental. Jesus is tolerant. Jesus is diverse. Jesus is accommodating. Jesus is a socialist. Jesus is a closet homosexual. Jesus is a Democrat. Jesus is cool. Jesus is my buddy. Jesus is my homeboy. Jesus is just like me.

*deep breath*

Okay, so. The problem today, with the progressive christian cult, is that they want to make Jesus into them, into their image, into their likes and dislikes. This is foolish, reckless, disrespectful, heretical, and dangerous beyond measure. But they continue to do it because they need Jesus to be them, desperately. Otherwise, their politics and ideals would be rendered false and erroneous. Otherwise their twisted theologies would be exposed for what they are.

I never, ever, ever want Jesus to be like me. Quite the opposite, actually. I want to be like Him. As should every covenant son.

His Headship trumps my “politics”. His Headship trumps my desires. His Headship trumps my personal expressions. His Headship is what I bow to, what I acquiesce to, what I surrender to. There is no grey area here. It’s Him, only Him, always Him, and never me.

His Holiness and His Love are above my understanding. I cannot, nor will I attempt to, make His Love into something that allows for purposed sin in the face of my Father. It just ain’t happenin’.

His Will is absolute, and His Headship is undeniable. His thoughts are not my thoughts, and His ways are not my ways, thankfully! But I want my thoughts and my ways to be just like His. As should every covenant son. To attempt to rewrite Jesus and His words and His Holiness and His Sovereignty into that which pleases us as mere men, and fits into our lives more comfortably, is heresy.

The worst part is the need to recreate a heaven that is all-inclusive, thus bastardizing and twisting The Cross into a nuisance and a pesky element that isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be. Jesus died for us all, so we all get into progressive heaven, no matter what. Yikes.

Remember, it is BIG God and little us. Not the other way around. No one, in the history of mankind, has ever been able to bully Jesus into anything. Yet people are still trying to do just that today. They do it in the name of love, politics, compassion, diversity, tolerance, and that foul element of selfishness that demands they have a god who allows for sin and endorses it, as well.

We have indeed hit that point of where evil is called good and good is called evil. My Father is not pleased with this.