Post #1: THE Headship of Jesus Christ

by Donald Borsch Jr.

Oh, but this means so many things, but means also only one thing. A mystery, to be sure. A glorious mystery that we are called to walk within this side of Heaven as sons of God, indeed. It is an invitation without end, a ceaseless joy, never burdensome and always true.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, THE Son of God, God in the flesh, Lion from the Tribe of Judah, Savior, Master, LORD, the firstborn from among the dead. Each and every prophecy about Him fulfilled in His timing and according to His will. He is The Alpha and The Omega, and is never in a hurry, nor is He ever too slow to save.

Firstly, please understand that His is the Name above all names. At His Name every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that He is LORD. Period. End of debate. Mountains are leveled, storms are calmed, the enemy silenced, the sick are healed, the very dead are resurrected. So there’s that. This is His Sovereignty over all, and is irrefutable. A person’s belief or disbelief in Him has no significant effect on the Truth that He is. He was, He is, and He shall eternally be.

His Headship over all of His Creation flusters the atheist, confuses the scientist, befuddles the analyst, silences the critics, angers the enemy, and brings peace to the recipient of His fullness. His Headship doesn’t change, but it does change us. All of us, eventually, one way or the other, will be changed. Some to eternal grace and some to eternal abandonment. Believe that, or believe it not to your own peril.

Secondly, His Headship manifests itself in our lives, as His sons, on myriad levels and platforms. Book upon book could be written regarding this, and quite honestly there are simply not enough hours in the day to mention them all. (But that won’t stop me from trying!)

His Headship is the deepest of wells, filled with the water of life, quenching our thirst, strengthening our bones, and serving as the sole constant given to us through His Covenant of Salvation which is an adoptive sonship. No matter the situation, irrespective of the circumstance, He is LORD, and we are His through His Name, called, chosen, redeemed for His purposes. We are those who go to our knees in worship willingly, voluntarily, and with great joy and assurance. We can return hour upon hour to this well and drink as deeply as we wish.

His Headship is not limited to our natural genders, and He is LORD over both male and female, alike. When I say that in Christ we are as sons of God, I am not addressing any physical, earthly attributes or characteristics at all. His Spirit takes us far beyond such cliched base notions and ideals. (We will delve into spiritual sonship later.)

The closing take-away statement here is this: We all want a Savior, but few of us want a Lord. On Sundays across America, millions pay lip service to Jesus the Savior, but so few of them walk out of their church buildings with Jesus as Lord burned on their hearts. His Headship is His manifestation of His Lordship over all. His Headship is both corporate and individual.

I realize I have been vague here. We’re going to open this can of worms and get dangerous as this blog progresses. Care to join us?