Post #3: His Church, not ours

by Donald Borsch Jr.

Throughout the years we, as humanity being driven by works, titles, accomplishments, etc., have steadily bastardized His Church, that being the one that Jesus Himself is even today building as He sees fit according to His Will, into something we can relate to, control, dominate, steer, and profess that we are making for Jesus because that’s what we do.


I’ve got some bad news for you sunshine, or good news depending on the posture of your heart, The Church/The Body, belongs to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Son of God the Father. He alone is building it. He alone runs it. He alone is The Head of it.

Jesus. Not us. Never us. Always Jesus.

We are allowed, permitted, and even called to be part of this process, but not as Masters or Lords. No. We are merely servants. We are the clay pots. How then is it we believe we can tell The Potter what’s what? Exactly.

His Headship over His Church is irrefutable, unchanging, eternal, without error, devoid of wickedness, and completely absent of any religious inclinations or ritualistic methods. The Church is His Bride, given to Him by His Father due to the faithfulness of Jesus as Son. There are two things He speaks about that we should be aware thereof: Baptisms and The Lord’s Supper. Period. Everything else is on His shoulders, not on ours.

  • Church attendance? His.
  • Tithing? His.
  • Evangelism? His.
  • Paying the bills? His.
  • Miracles, healings, deliverance? His.
  • Representing His Name properly? His.
  • Revelation of Himself? His.
  • The Gifting and Calling of Ephesians 4:11? His.

He is The Head. Period. We are merely servants, as I said.

Any questions?