Post #4: His Power, not ours

by Donald Borsch Jr.

“I can heal the sick!”

“I can raise the dead!”

“I can speak with new tongues!”

“I can prophesy and cast out demons!”

“I can save the souls of men with The Gospel!”

Um, well, no. No, you cannot.  Sorry. I mean, you probably have good intentions and all, but the brutal truth is that you can do none of those things in and of yourself, so stop taking the credit.

The moment a person says ,”I can…” or “I did…”, is the moment that person has lost touch with the Sovereignty of our Father and the Power of His Spirit here, this side of Heaven. They have foolishly assumed divine ability, supernatural exception, and falsely believe more of themselves than they should. I see it quite a bit amongst the Christians who are so desperately seeking relevance through works and accolades.

I walk in The Spirit. Not perfectly, no, but well enough and with enough sober maturity to know for a fact that nothing I do is of my own ability or power. That was how I used to think and believe when I was in the occult. In The Kingdom, God my Father is Sovereign and His Power is absolute. This extends to The World as we know it.

But it is never us doing anything. We are not God Almighty. Only He is. We would do well to remember this, and stop trying to perform parlor tricks in His Name to impress others. Bad move.