Post #5: Sonship: The Freedom To Fail

by Donald Borsch Jr.

As a son/huios who is walking covenantally with God our Father, it is okay to fail. It is.

Knowing the Sovereignty of God our Father, and His Omniscience, not only is it okay to fail, but it is wholly expected for us to fail. The thing is, our looking at something as being our failure is strictly on our side of Heaven, and never on His. In simpler terms, we see ourselves as failures, or as failing, and He sees us as simply being sons who make mistakes. Indeed, if He ever decided to remind us of our failures, He wouldn’t be our Father, but instead would become our accuser. And the job of accuser is already taken, now isn’t it?

You knew that, right?

Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

There’s Him and then there’s us. He is in His Heaven, LORD of all, Master of all, Sovereign and Mighty. He is watching, interceding, empowering, correcting, and healing us as only He can through His Grace and through His very Spirit. He is our Father above all, first and foremost, and His love for us is boundless and without measure.

He knows what He wants to see happen in His Creation this side of Heaven. He has a plan. His Will is absolute and without restraint or question.

Now then, here we are, this side of Heaven, filled with and empowered by His Spirit, called into Salvation through His New Covenant, bought as slaves, redeemed as sons, sent out as those who carry His Name upon our hearts as though branded with a hot iron.

We minister as He leads. We engage in spiritual warfare as He ordains. We speak when He says to speak and gives us His words to say, and we pray when He tells us to pray, and we fall silent when He tells us to be quiet. His Will be done. Never ours. Obedient sons put aside their desires to become as Father-pleasers like Christ Jesus was and is.

There are times when we are so full of Him we cannot stand ourselves, and there are times when we are so full of our own flesh we can’t stand His Name.

There are times when His Will is manifested in us through word or deed, bringing forth a fruitful season of Power, and then there are times when we are in dry seasons of inactivity.

There are times when we can’t even have an hour to ourselves as He draws people to us for ministry in His Name, and there are times when we walk alone in lengthy days and weeks of no Kingdom-oriented human contact.

There are times when our worship would move even Heaven itself, and there are times when our mouths seem cemented shut.

We succeed due to His favor; we fail due to our own sins. Simple as that.

But because He is a gracious Father, and because He is not harder on us than we are on ourselves, He has given us the very freedom to fail. The thing is, when we enter the tunnel of difficulty, He is waiting for us at the end of it. When we enter the tunnel of our own failures, He is waiting for us at the end of it. He is our Father. It’s what He does.

Consider: He turned His back on His Son at The Cross due to the spiritual fact that in one horrific, ugly, vile, and putrid moment in the history of life this side of Heaven, Jesus literally became sin. And God our Father will not abide in sin, no matter what. So to honor His own character, He walked away from Jesus at The Cross. He had to. His Holiness demanded it.

Is this to say that God our Father will walk away from us when we sin, or when we fail? Hardly. You see, that is what Jesus took upon Himself at The Cross, so our Father would never have to do the same to us, that He did to His Son. Our sins, while offensive to our Father, and fully deserving of death, are accounted for through His blood. Indeed, the wages of sin is death, condemned to burn…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ who came to take away the sins of The World and remember them no more. That, my brothers, is The New Covenant. It gives us the freedom to fail.

Imagine living in such a way that you were in a constant state of being scared of offending God our Father. Not that you feared Him, no. It’s that you are scared of Him. Big difference. When He stretches forth His hands to embrace you, do you flinch? Or do you stretch yourself  upward, straining to reach Him? Being scared of God our Father is bondage and horror, reducing you to nothing more than a mouthpiece of legalism and false piety, constantly looking over your shoulder to see if He is about to crush you due to your failures. Walking in fear of God our Father, in a healthy Spirit-led way, is the beginning of knowledge, strength, and the full revelation of Christ Jesus.

Do not be afraid to fail, brothers. Do not be reticent to act or do as you know you should for worry that you will not succeed. Do not let sin become your Master again, as it once was, by allowing it to guilt you and beat you down into the chains of self-worthlessness and abject failure. I firmly believe, even as a son of God, that it is easier to say I am sorry than it is to ask permission. It is said that God favors the bold, and we are indeed instructed to approach His Throne with boldness. I would rather apologize for missing the mark by my actions, than for letting my inaction lead me to miss the mark.

We can fail, brothers. It is okay. We do not have to view our failures as the be-all, end-all of our lives. Nothing we undo or do cannot be done or undone by our Father. He is pleased with our obedience, and He will show favor to our zeal. He will. I’m living proof of this. And while I have endured the discipline of His that comes from being a son of His, I also know the joys and pleasures of doing what needs to be done at His direction.

Failure has yet to dissuade me or scare me away from pursuing Christ Jesus, God our Father, and His Holy Spirit this side of Heaven. Don’t let it dissuade you.

And there it is.