Post #6: I Love The Bible, But….

by Donald Borsch Jr.

“I love The Bible but I don’t always agree with it or like what it says.”

What a ridiculous comment to make. What arrogance. What impudence. Who do we really think we are? (I am speaking to those within The Body, not those outside of It. The World hates Jesus, of course, so….)

And yet in conversations we hear people say such things. It is as though through such asinine comments that we believe God our Father is in Heaven worried about our opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no half-way with Jesus as The Head of His Church. It is all or nothing. Period. How ridiculous it is to tell Him, our King, Master, Creator, Savior, and LORD that while we do love Him, *cough*, we just don’t really like or believe everything He has said as recorded in The Scriptures. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. To assume and presume upon His wisdom and Truth is the highest form of prideful rebellion going, and it is the same kind of seed that Lucifer watered leading to his banishment, and those who swallowed his lies, from Heaven.

The Scriptures are solidly perfect. They do not contradict themselves nor are they able to be dissected by the failed wisdom of men for the purpose of establishing Christian cults and sects. They contain the very thoughts and will of the God we worship. They are as alive as His Spirit, and serve a greater purpose. But they are not, NOT, in and of themselves, Salvation. Truly, if a person is not careful The Scriptures can become as legalistic bondage and a cruel taskmaster. I can name several Christian sects that adhere to The Scriptures but not out of love, but out of a desire to place religious and earthly rigidity as a yoke upon the necks of their disciples. Jesus even slammed those who believed that by merely learning  and obeying The Scriptures they could easily deceive themselves into thinking they have somehow gained eternal life. John 5:39

By walking in and under the aegis of The Headship of Christ, a person willingly abdicates their earthly wisdom, knowledge, and desires to carry out His Will this side of Heaven. This means that when He says something, our only response is to be “Yes, Lord!”, and that’s it. We are never to say, “Yes, Lord, but I….” That kind of talk is rebellion, no matter how well-intentioned.

To question God our Father is acceptable, provided we do so in the spirit of sonship, and in an honest search for deeper knowledge of His fullness. I come to His Throne Room repeatedly in my ongoing quest to understand Him more and more through prayer and the study of His Scriptures. But to question Him by telling Him we don’t agree with Him, or like what He has said and is saying, is foolish and dangerous.

I am a son. God is my Father. Jesus is my Master and Lord. The Spirit is my Teacher. The Scriptures are alive, relevant, and given to us as a blessing, never as a burden. Simple as that.