Post #9: Politics and Jesus

by Donald Borsch Jr.

It doesn’t work.

Liberals who belong to the progressive christian cult try so hard to make Jesus their President, even though their atheist friends hate Christianity and State.

However, even if you are a conservative, you cannot mix Jesus with man’s politics. It does not work. It is mixing the Divine with the secular and thinking it will work out well.

Jesus, not a one time, said He wanted to be President, Prime Minister, Dear Leader, or any other such man-made title. But on both sides of the political fence we have those who want Him to control the governments of men. Rubbish.

He is our King, not our President. He has a Kingdom given Him by our Father, and surely doesn’t need our countries or their sins.

Conservatives want Jesus to make our government leave us alone. Liberals want Jesus to make Conservatives pay more taxes to help the poor and oppressed. Conservatives want Jesus to make our government moral. Liberals want Jesus to bless and accept and approve of their immorality.  It’s tedious and ridiculous.

Why demand that Jesus take a demotion and become our President or main governmental influencer, when all the Nations of this world will bow at His Name? Exactly.

Let the liberals and the conservatives have their pissing contest. I’m Kingdom first. Their human drama means nothing.

The Christian Left

The Christian Right…kinda, sorta

Both of these are trying to mix The Divine with the secular, no matter the intention. Bad move.