Post #10: Jesus and Politics part 2

by Donald Borsch Jr.

In my previous post, Post #9 that is, I spoke about the fact that we are Kingdom and not worldy, meaning that the machinations and plans of mere men mean nothing to us, especially and specifically in the realm of man’s politics.

Let me clarify.

I have been approached and questioned about my stance, and it has been asked of me: “Well, if you don’t say something about this government, then how are you doing what Jesus says to do? Didn’t He command us to speak up for what is right in the assembly of sinners?”

Let me counter with a question of my own: “By my deciding to seek first His Kingdom, and eschewing the slime and sludge that is man’s politics, does this mean I am silent about the evils of the world and its stranglehold it has on the spiritual orphans of our Nations? Is that what you think? Do you think my desire to not embroil myself in the pissing contests of ‘conservatives vs. liberals’ that this means I am impotent and apathetic?”

Have you not heard of the power of prayer in the Name of Jesus? Exactly.

So if I do not match up to your expectations and cliched reactions of “Christianity” in regard to The World, I apologize. I reckon I am sorry that your vision, your spiritual maturity, is that lacking.