Post #13: The ties that bind

by Donald Borsch Jr.


Covenant is how God our Father interacts with His creation. In Genesis we see Him make a covenant with Creation saying He would not destroy it with water again Genesis 9:8 – 17. From there we have covenant after covenant that our Father implemented to keep His relationship with son of men alive and relevant.

The final and best covenant is, of course, The New Covenant, eternally struck between chosen mankind and God our Father, with Jesus His Son as the perfect sacrifice, and faithful Son, becoming the one true mediator between man and God. This is an eternal covenant, and indeed it is the one tie that binds all believers in unity. When all the theological smoke clears, and when the clanging sounds of steel and colliding iron subsides as brothers cross their swords with brothers, sharpening one another for the purpose of refinement and growth, we are yet as family in Him, and this is a great blessing. Not a one of us is above the other. Not a one of us is superior to the other. In The New Covenant, we are His chosen sheep, and we have a shepherd named Jesus. Period.

This last weekend I was shown great favor from our Father as He led me to fellowship with brothers of mine of whom I have historic and covenantal relationships with. Laughter ensued, prayers were spoken, prophetic words flowed, and The Spirit of our Jesus was manifested in love, correction, discipline, and pure worship. My spirit longs for these things like a thirsty man desires water, and I was able to drink deeply of the spring that is Christ Jesus and His Spirit.

In the last hours of this time of fellowship, The Lord drew some of the brothers together with our spiritual father, Jim McNally, and Jim spoke covenant words to us, and we spoke the words of sons to him. It was powerful, intense, amazing, and did I mention intense? As we gathered together in a huddle, arms intertwined around each others’ necks, leaning in together, The Lord spoke through me and said, “These are the ties that bind.”

I run with men of covenant. I align myself with covenant men. We walk as though our lives are as one, and when one of us weeps, the others taste salt. Covenant is the tie that binds us, in honor of The New Covenant wherein we each have our identity as sons.¬†Covenant says, “As for me, I will ___________________________ for you, and you do not need to reciprocate this or pay this back in any way. I do this freely without expectation of recompense of any kind. This is my covenant with you, and it is sealed by The Spirit. Should I violate this, may The Lord deal with me ever so severely.”

The ties that bind, indeed.


“My God will be your God, and your God will be my God, and I will walk with you to the end of my days, serving you and submitting to you as is pleasing to our Father. Let it be known from this moment on that our Houses are joined through Christ Jesus, and our descendents will lack for nothing.”