Post #14: He is Holy; He is Other Than. Let Us Be Likewise…

by Donald Borsch Jr.

The first thing The LORD said of Himself was, “For I am the LORD your God. Consecrate yourselves therefore, and be holy, for I am Holy.” ~Leviticus 11



What is “holy”? Is it a way of living? Is it the shunning of the worldly pleasures we are surrounded by? Is it not drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, dancing, playing cards, wearing pants if you are a female, avoiding movies/TV, having long hair if you are a male, behaving like Jesus because He was all about being Holy, etc., etc….

What is “holy”? To me, I believe that “holy” means “other than”. (I first heard that from my spiritual father, Jim McNally, and it has simply stuck with me through the years) It simply means going to the truth and path of “other than” whenever confronted with decision-making. I will default my position on being other than.

Other than what, then? Other than the norm, the world, the expected, the cliche, and the predictable. Other than the false gods of humanity. Other than the false spirits who tempt us and manipulate our most base desires. Other. Than. Simple.

The primary mode of reasoning I implement is to ask myself, right up front, “Will this please my Father? Am I being like the world, or am I seeking to be ‘other than’?” When the world demands I make accommodations and compromises against His Holiness and His Truth, should I give in so as to present a more inclusive Jesus, a happy Jesus who is nothing like that mean old God of the Old Testament, a Jesus who allows and supports the sins of men, or should I stand on the line of being “other than”? I think you know the answer.

There is most assuredly an element of reaching out to the lost and showing them Jesus through words and deeds, but it can never be bastardized with the world’s inclinations to hold Jesus hostage to its ideals and its notions. Telling someone that Jesus died for their sins out of His love for them is not the same as telling someone that Jesus just wants to love on them and allow them to be unrepentant. That is not love, friends. That is a lie.

Holiness is a posture of heart. Holiness is asking our Father what He would have us do.

Holy. Other than. Let us be likewise.