My Inexorable Jesus

Philippians 2: 9 – 11

Post #7: Yeah, see, um, that whole “Holiness of God” thing just doesn’t work for me…

God is mean, hateful, homophobic, Holy, misogynistic, racist, and just uptight.

Jesus, on the other hand is love, loving, tolerant, open-minded, gay-friendly, pro-feminism, religiously diverse, and so obviously a liberal!

*sigh* That Jesus…he’s so dreamy…he never tells me I’m wrong, never corrects me, just loveloveloves me and lets me do as I please because he is going to let us all into his heaven, no matter what mean old God says!


And yes, folks, there are people out there who actually believe and teach others that nonsense. They believe that Jesus the Son changed God the Father, and now Heaven is all-inclusive based on their bastardization of His Love and His Holiness. Yep. I call them progressive christians. They are mentioned here:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight!

It’s just how it is. They have been warned, but to no avail. There is yet time for them to repent, indeed.

progressive christian



Post #6: I Love The Bible, But….

“I love The Bible but I don’t always agree with it or like what it says.”

What a ridiculous comment to make. What arrogance. What impudence. Who do we really think we are? (I am speaking to those within The Body, not those outside of It. The World hates Jesus, of course, so….)

And yet in conversations we hear people say such things. It is as though through such asinine comments that we believe God our Father is in Heaven worried about our opinions. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There is no half-way with Jesus as The Head of His Church. It is all or nothing. Period. How ridiculous it is to tell Him, our King, Master, Creator, Savior, and LORD that while we do love Him, *cough*, we just don’t really like or believe everything He has said as recorded in The Scriptures. His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts. To assume and presume upon His wisdom and Truth is the highest form of prideful rebellion going, and it is the same kind of seed that Lucifer watered leading to his banishment, and those who swallowed his lies, from Heaven.

The Scriptures are solidly perfect. They do not contradict themselves nor are they able to be dissected by the failed wisdom of men for the purpose of establishing Christian cults and sects. They contain the very thoughts and will of the God we worship. They are as alive as His Spirit, and serve a greater purpose. But they are not, NOT, in and of themselves, Salvation. Truly, if a person is not careful The Scriptures can become as legalistic bondage and a cruel taskmaster. I can name several Christian sects that adhere to The Scriptures but not out of love, but out of a desire to place religious and earthly rigidity as a yoke upon the necks of their disciples. Jesus even slammed those who believed that by merely learning  and obeying The Scriptures they could easily deceive themselves into thinking they have somehow gained eternal life. John 5:39

By walking in and under the aegis of The Headship of Christ, a person willingly abdicates their earthly wisdom, knowledge, and desires to carry out His Will this side of Heaven. This means that when He says something, our only response is to be “Yes, Lord!”, and that’s it. We are never to say, “Yes, Lord, but I….” That kind of talk is rebellion, no matter how well-intentioned.

To question God our Father is acceptable, provided we do so in the spirit of sonship, and in an honest search for deeper knowledge of His fullness. I come to His Throne Room repeatedly in my ongoing quest to understand Him more and more through prayer and the study of His Scriptures. But to question Him by telling Him we don’t agree with Him, or like what He has said and is saying, is foolish and dangerous.

I am a son. God is my Father. Jesus is my Master and Lord. The Spirit is my Teacher. The Scriptures are alive, relevant, and given to us as a blessing, never as a burden. Simple as that.

Music Break: Amazing Grace by Celtic Woman

I’m not Celtic. I don’t play the bagpipes. I don’t even listen to Celtic Woman. But I found this when I did a search on YouTube for acapella versions of Amazing Grace. Bear with the imposed advertisement in the beginning.

If I were limited to one song that says it all, Amazing Grace would be it.



Post #5: Sonship: The Freedom To Fail

As a son/huios who is walking covenantally with God our Father, it is okay to fail. It is.

Knowing the Sovereignty of God our Father, and His Omniscience, not only is it okay to fail, but it is wholly expected for us to fail. The thing is, our looking at something as being our failure is strictly on our side of Heaven, and never on His. In simpler terms, we see ourselves as failures, or as failing, and He sees us as simply being sons who make mistakes. Indeed, if He ever decided to remind us of our failures, He wouldn’t be our Father, but instead would become our accuser. And the job of accuser is already taken, now isn’t it?

You knew that, right?

Let’s dig in a bit deeper.

There’s Him and then there’s us. He is in His Heaven, LORD of all, Master of all, Sovereign and Mighty. He is watching, interceding, empowering, correcting, and healing us as only He can through His Grace and through His very Spirit. He is our Father above all, first and foremost, and His love for us is boundless and without measure.

He knows what He wants to see happen in His Creation this side of Heaven. He has a plan. His Will is absolute and without restraint or question.

Now then, here we are, this side of Heaven, filled with and empowered by His Spirit, called into Salvation through His New Covenant, bought as slaves, redeemed as sons, sent out as those who carry His Name upon our hearts as though branded with a hot iron.

We minister as He leads. We engage in spiritual warfare as He ordains. We speak when He says to speak and gives us His words to say, and we pray when He tells us to pray, and we fall silent when He tells us to be quiet. His Will be done. Never ours. Obedient sons put aside their desires to become as Father-pleasers like Christ Jesus was and is.

There are times when we are so full of Him we cannot stand ourselves, and there are times when we are so full of our own flesh we can’t stand His Name.

There are times when His Will is manifested in us through word or deed, bringing forth a fruitful season of Power, and then there are times when we are in dry seasons of inactivity.

There are times when we can’t even have an hour to ourselves as He draws people to us for ministry in His Name, and there are times when we walk alone in lengthy days and weeks of no Kingdom-oriented human contact.

There are times when our worship would move even Heaven itself, and there are times when our mouths seem cemented shut.

We succeed due to His favor; we fail due to our own sins. Simple as that.

But because He is a gracious Father, and because He is not harder on us than we are on ourselves, He has given us the very freedom to fail. The thing is, when we enter the tunnel of difficulty, He is waiting for us at the end of it. When we enter the tunnel of our own failures, He is waiting for us at the end of it. He is our Father. It’s what He does.

Consider: He turned His back on His Son at The Cross due to the spiritual fact that in one horrific, ugly, vile, and putrid moment in the history of life this side of Heaven, Jesus literally became sin. And God our Father will not abide in sin, no matter what. So to honor His own character, He walked away from Jesus at The Cross. He had to. His Holiness demanded it.

Is this to say that God our Father will walk away from us when we sin, or when we fail? Hardly. You see, that is what Jesus took upon Himself at The Cross, so our Father would never have to do the same to us, that He did to His Son. Our sins, while offensive to our Father, and fully deserving of death, are accounted for through His blood. Indeed, the wages of sin is death, condemned to burn…but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ who came to take away the sins of The World and remember them no more. That, my brothers, is The New Covenant. It gives us the freedom to fail.

Imagine living in such a way that you were in a constant state of being scared of offending God our Father. Not that you feared Him, no. It’s that you are scared of Him. Big difference. When He stretches forth His hands to embrace you, do you flinch? Or do you stretch yourself¬† upward, straining to reach Him? Being scared of God our Father is bondage and horror, reducing you to nothing more than a mouthpiece of legalism and false piety, constantly looking over your shoulder to see if He is about to crush you due to your failures. Walking in fear of God our Father, in a healthy Spirit-led way, is the beginning of knowledge, strength, and the full revelation of Christ Jesus.

Do not be afraid to fail, brothers. Do not be reticent to act or do as you know you should for worry that you will not succeed. Do not let sin become your Master again, as it once was, by allowing it to guilt you and beat you down into the chains of self-worthlessness and abject failure. I firmly believe, even as a son of God, that it is easier to say I am sorry than it is to ask permission. It is said that God favors the bold, and we are indeed instructed to approach His Throne with boldness. I would rather apologize for missing the mark by my actions, than for letting my inaction lead me to miss the mark.

We can fail, brothers. It is okay. We do not have to view our failures as the be-all, end-all of our lives. Nothing we undo or do cannot be done or undone by our Father. He is pleased with our obedience, and He will show favor to our zeal. He will. I’m living proof of this. And while I have endured the discipline of His that comes from being a son of His, I also know the joys and pleasures of doing what needs to be done at His direction.

Failure has yet to dissuade me or scare me away from pursuing Christ Jesus, God our Father, and His Holy Spirit this side of Heaven. Don’t let it dissuade you.

And there it is.

Post #4: His Power, not ours

“I can heal the sick!”

“I can raise the dead!”

“I can speak with new tongues!”

“I can prophesy and cast out demons!”

“I can save the souls of men with The Gospel!”

Um, well, no. No, you cannot.  Sorry. I mean, you probably have good intentions and all, but the brutal truth is that you can do none of those things in and of yourself, so stop taking the credit.

The moment a person says ,”I can…” or “I did…”, is the moment that person has lost touch with the Sovereignty of our Father and the Power of His Spirit here, this side of Heaven. They have foolishly assumed divine ability, supernatural exception, and falsely believe more of themselves than they should. I see it quite a bit amongst the Christians who are so desperately seeking relevance through works and accolades.

I walk in The Spirit. Not perfectly, no, but well enough and with enough sober maturity to know for a fact that nothing I do is of my own ability or power. That was how I used to think and believe when I was in the occult. In The Kingdom, God my Father is Sovereign and His Power is absolute. This extends to The World as we know it.

But it is never us doing anything. We are not God Almighty. Only He is. We would do well to remember this, and stop trying to perform parlor tricks in His Name to impress others. Bad move.

Post #3: His Church, not ours

Throughout the years we, as humanity being driven by works, titles, accomplishments, etc., have steadily bastardized His Church, that being the one that Jesus Himself is even today building as He sees fit according to His Will, into something we can relate to, control, dominate, steer, and profess that we are making for Jesus because that’s what we do.


I’ve got some bad news for you sunshine, or good news depending on the posture of your heart, The Church/The Body, belongs to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, The Son of God the Father. He alone is building it. He alone runs it. He alone is The Head of it.

Jesus. Not us. Never us. Always Jesus.

We are allowed, permitted, and even called to be part of this process, but not as Masters or Lords. No. We are merely servants. We are the clay pots. How then is it we believe we can tell The Potter what’s what? Exactly.

His Headship over His Church is irrefutable, unchanging, eternal, without error, devoid of wickedness, and completely absent of any religious inclinations or ritualistic methods. The Church is His Bride, given to Him by His Father due to the faithfulness of Jesus as Son. There are two things He speaks about that we should be aware thereof: Baptisms and The Lord’s Supper. Period. Everything else is on His shoulders, not on ours.

  • Church attendance? His.
  • Tithing? His.
  • Evangelism? His.
  • Paying the bills? His.
  • Miracles, healings, deliverance? His.
  • Representing His Name properly? His.
  • Revelation of Himself? His.
  • The Gifting and Calling of Ephesians 4:11? His.

He is The Head. Period. We are merely servants, as I said.

Any questions?

Post #2: Unity in The Body?

The Headship of Jesus demands, yes demands, that we be united in His Spirit.

Until we remove THIS and stop doing THIS, how can there be unity?

Have so many forgotten or willingly dismissed Ephesians 4: 11-16?

11And He gave some[as] apostles,and some[as] prophets,and some[as] evangelists,and some[as] pastors and teachers,12for the equipping of the saints for the work of service,to the building up of the body of Christ;13until we all attain to the unity of the faith,and of the knowledge of the Son of God,to a mature man,to the measure of the stature which belongs to the fullness of Christ.14As a result,we are no longer to be children,tossed here and there by waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by the trickery of men,by craftiness in deceitful scheming;15but speaking the truth in love,we are to grow up in all[aspects] into Him who is the head,[even] Christ,16from whom the whole body,being fitted and held together by what every joint supplies, according to the proper working of each individual part,causes the growth of the body for the building up of itself in love.

I don’t see divisive denominations mentioned in the above Scriptures, do you?



Post #1: THE Headship of Jesus Christ

Oh, but this means so many things, but means also only one thing. A mystery, to be sure. A glorious mystery that we are called to walk within this side of Heaven as sons of God, indeed. It is an invitation without end, a ceaseless joy, never burdensome and always true.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth, THE Son of God, God in the flesh, Lion from the Tribe of Judah, Savior, Master, LORD, the firstborn from among the dead. Each and every prophecy about Him fulfilled in His timing and according to His will. He is The Alpha and The Omega, and is never in a hurry, nor is He ever too slow to save.

Firstly, please understand that His is the Name above all names. At His Name every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess that He is LORD. Period. End of debate. Mountains are leveled, storms are calmed, the enemy silenced, the sick are healed, the very dead are resurrected. So there’s that. This is His Sovereignty over all, and is irrefutable. A person’s belief or disbelief in Him has no significant effect on the Truth that He is. He was, He is, and He shall eternally be.

His Headship over all of His Creation flusters the atheist, confuses the scientist, befuddles the analyst, silences the critics, angers the enemy, and brings peace to the recipient of His fullness. His Headship doesn’t change, but it does change us. All of us, eventually, one way or the other, will be changed. Some to eternal grace and some to eternal abandonment. Believe that, or believe it not to your own peril.

Secondly, His Headship manifests itself in our lives, as His sons, on myriad levels and platforms. Book upon book could be written regarding this, and quite honestly there are simply not enough hours in the day to mention them all. (But that won’t stop me from trying!)

His Headship is the deepest of wells, filled with the water of life, quenching our thirst, strengthening our bones, and serving as the sole constant given to us through His Covenant of Salvation which is an adoptive sonship. No matter the situation, irrespective of the circumstance, He is LORD, and we are His through His Name, called, chosen, redeemed for His purposes. We are those who go to our knees in worship willingly, voluntarily, and with great joy and assurance. We can return hour upon hour to this well and drink as deeply as we wish.

His Headship is not limited to our natural genders, and He is LORD over both male and female, alike. When I say that in Christ we are as sons of God, I am not addressing any physical, earthly attributes or characteristics at all. His Spirit takes us far beyond such cliched base notions and ideals. (We will delve into spiritual sonship later.)

The closing take-away statement here is this: We all want a Savior, but few of us want a Lord. On Sundays across America, millions pay lip service to Jesus the Savior, but so few of them walk out of their church buildings with Jesus as Lord burned on their hearts. His Headship is His manifestation of His Lordship over all. His Headship is both corporate and individual.

I realize I have been vague here. We’re going to open this can of worms and get dangerous as this blog progresses. Care to join us?

Opening Post: See, here’s the thing…

…everyone wants a Savior, but few people want a Lord.

Headship is Jesus as Lord. It is free, but it doesn’t come cheaply.

This makes many, many folks stumble upon themselves.

More to follow.