Visitors: Please read this


Thank you for stopping by my little piece of this amazin’ thing called the Inter-webs. 🙂

My name is Donald Borsch Jr., and I am a covenant son, saved by His Grace, bought with a price, adopted by His Spirit and given an identity that can never be diminished nor removed.

I am, for the sake of using theological labels, (because I know some of you need them to understand the simplicity of who and what I am):

Calvinist-ish (sorta, kinda), charismatic, once-saved-always-saved, fundamentalist, tongue-talking, Spirit-filled, born-again, Bible-thumpin’ (okay, not really, but I like to type that to see how folks react), covenantal son of God the Father who hates politics, religion, the American church myth/cult, and I like my cheesecake to be virgin/undressed with no fruit involved.

I am fully, 100% under the Headship of Christ Jesus as not only my Savior, but also as my Lord, Master, King, and Judge. I am not buddies with Jesus, nor is He my pal or homeboy. He’s my King and my God. I fear The Godhead/Trinity accordingly. (Oh, dang, I forgot to mention I’m a Trinitarian, as well. Sorry about that!)

I have been given as a prophet (Ephesians 4:11 – 16), and I am here to be about the tasks my Father has put before me. This basically entails me serving as one of many janitors of The Kingdom, taking out the trash, cleaning out the feces of man’s theology based on progressive politics and feminine-spirited victimization, wiping off smudges left by manipulative witchcraft, and all the other tasks my King has for me to do.

I am not so Heavenly-minded that I am no earthly good, but I do not tolerate mockery of my Father’s Holiness or His character thereof.  I will gladly challenge and confront those who do such things, without fear or worry. Just so you know, Jesus did not rescue me from myself so I could be a Christian pussy/doormat/punching bag for those seeking to bastardize His Holiness.

Anyhoos, it is nice to make your acquaintance. Honestly. The Scripture teaches that a man with many friends is friendly at all times, and I’m seeking to walk that way. 🙂

Hang out. Peruse. Open the doors and drawers and cupboards. Snoop through my refrigerator. Examine the books in my library. I seriously have not a thing to hide. (But stay away from the guest room nightstand. That’s where I keep my George Dickel whiskey.)